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 Parkour, literally (part 4)

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MessageSujet: Parkour, literally (part 4)   Parkour, literally (part 4) Icon_minitimeMar 17 Jan - 1:14

"The object of parkour is to get from one place to another in the most efficient way possible using only the human body and the objects in the environment"(wikipedia).

This is what this film is about: finding the most efficient path through our environment going from a point A to a point B. This concept of efficience relates to different parameters, such as speed, fluidity, security, carefulness, capability to adapt to any situation, and economy of energy. In consequence, this is what we try to reach when we make these videos, and so we try to keep these various parameters inmind while drawing our path and filming it.
Anyway, as it is a film, we don't just do things, but choose to show the things we do and try to do it in an aesthetic and artistic way. That implies choices that sometimes prevent us from being the most efficient we could if we would not be making a film. Exemple: the armjump at 2:56 was surely not the most efficient way to go on the other side (especially as I couldn't climb the wall with the tree on top of it, and had to go on the right with a strange technique). I could have ran directly on to the right wall, which is smaller and just climb it a lot faster, and spending a lot less energy. Anyway, I wanted to use the spot the better I could, and adding the armjump in this combination of moves was a fairly good challenge to me too, so I chose to work on this possibility. In these cases, we just take things on the "kid thinking" side, and pretend we cannot touch the floor for example because it's lava. Anyway, don't worry, I am conscious there is no lava...but there could have been! :-)

3 runs by L'1consolable, in Paris (France). Recorded in December 2011.

A film by Benoît Yin.
Based on an idea of L'1consolable.
Tracer: L'1consolable
Filming & editing: Benoît Yin
Original soundtrack by L'1consolable.

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Parkour, literally (part 4)
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